Kasia Johnson

Kasia Johnson

About Me

"Even Through the Hard Times,
Dare to Dream." Kasia

My Story


Over 7 years ago, I was married to my college sweetheart, and we had built a prosperous design business together. With a beautiful daughter and a son on the way, our business and family were growing and the future looked picture perfect.

Then everything changed. without much warning, i was getting divorced.

Next thing I knew, I was a single parent of two: my daughter was four and my son was barely 3 months old. I needed to find a place to live and a job to support us all. Fast.

Struggling on my own, I returned to the corporate world. I was already stressed and overwhelmed, but now all the flexibility I had enjoyed as a business owner was gone. I would sit in traffic for hours each day, picking up my children from daycare well after sunset. I barely had time to sleep.

Do these struggles sound familiar?

After a couple of tedious years grinding away in the corporate world, I knew I couldn’t keep working for someone else. So I began freelancing at night. In doing so, I regained confidence, tackled my fears and jumped back into starting my own business.

It was one of the scariest decisions of my entire life, but also the smartest.

I understand the fear of overcoming difficult challenges. I also know the power of taking a leap in life – even if you don’t know exactly where you are going to land.

And most importantly, I learned that when you have access to the right people and tools, success is within reach. I believe that the dominant factor in my success is surrounding myself with other successful business owners and taking action.

This is why I created Forward Mastery: to provide you with the resources so you can get started on the path of building and branding your business and designing the lifestyle of your dreams.

Today, not only am I running a successful marketing agency in Dallas (Merge Forward), but my life is also better that I ever imagined. I have a happy family, a thriving business and travel all the time.

Join me as I continue my journey as an entrepreneur and gain insightful knowledge that can help you succeed!


My Experience

Of course, I’m more than just my story.

I have over 14 years of professional experience and insights in advertising. I’ve helped businesses of all types and sizes build out their brand successfully and market their product or service to rapid growth!


My background begins with my degree, a B.A. in Graphic Design. I’ve interned at top agencies in Dallas and have worked as an art director for several large retail brands in the corporate world. By my early 30s, I was running a boutique web design agency.

With a lot of work and hustle, i founded merge forward (a digital marketing agency in dallas) and made over six figures my third year in business – all while parenting two vivacious little kiddos.

I’m very passionate about self-improvement and psychology. Thanks to my curious nature, I have always been a lifelong learner of self and learning about other successful people.

Because of my background and personal story, I have a heartfelt interest in entrepreneurs and their willingness to take great leaps for a better life as they pursue their dreams. I love sharing my experience and wisdom from my journey as a self-starting, female entrepreneur.

But best of all, I love teaching others on how they can do the same!

Building Your Business

Taking the leap to build your own business can be scary, and yet more rewarding than you can imagine.

There are so many DOs and DON’Ts when it comes to building a business – and that goes double for your branding. From crafting the perfect logo to developing a killer website, establishing social channels and campaign strategies, you must be known, liked and trusted to get sales.


In other words, your bottom dollar depends on branding.

But the branding process can be frustrating, exhausting and a real time-suck. It does not have to be expensive, but you do have to know what you’re doing.

That’s where I come in. Whether you already have a logo and website or are starting from scratch, I’ll help you get to the next level as you learn how along the way.

What fuels my fire to help others is when I see so many businesses struggling, when they could be more successful if they just focused on cleaning up their brand.

So I’m here to help save you time and give you the tools you need to succeed. I’ll show you how to build a great-looking business so your customers trust you and you can increase your sales!

Let’s get started!